NOTAS 1/24/14

Entonces respondiendo Jesús, dijo: Oh mujer, grande es tu fe; hágase contigo como quieres. Mat. 15:28

If you going to bring change in your life
You have to have :
the desire to do it
the Intention and 
Be Persistence 

45% people have resolucions for 2014 only 8% will get cuz the decisions they made.

*Seek Him FIRST
kingdom of god

first in time, place, order.!

When we put God first we re in position to get the promisses of god in our life!


98.00 hrs x week

$ 10.10 housekeeper
   13.56 cook
   13.66 driver
    31.59 facilites manager
    54.58 CEO

$114.000/00 per year